Can garage doors be spray painted?

Yes indeed! For homeowners who want to change the look of their property without spending a large sum of money, then spray painting your garage doors is a simple but effective solution. 

No matter how immaculate the rest of your exterior is, if your garage doors have faded, cracked, or begun to peel, this can have a dramatic impact on your home’s overall appearance. 

Whether it’s made of fibreglass, metal, GRP or UPVC, Sprayworks UK offers a quick, affordable garage door spraying service to residential and commercial customers in Birmingham, Walsall and across the West Midlands. We transform old, tired-looking garage doors into durable, brand-spanking new ones at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. 

How can garage doors be spray painted? 

Our spraying technicians will first prepare your garage doors by using a special primer or light sanding technique to ensure the surface is clean and free from dirt, old paint or corrosion, as well as filling in any misshapen or damaged parts. 

The next step is to mask the surrounding area, before applying multiple coats of high quality paint to achieve a smooth, long-lasting factory finish that protects your garage doors from all weather damage for at least 10 years! 

Customers can respray garage doors in a variety of unique colours, including shades of grey, blue, cream, brown, red or black by leading brands like Dulux and Farrow & Ball. We’ll also give guidance on which colour suits your needs best. 

Get your garage doors spray painted today! 

Sprayworks UK is a well-established and widely recommended on-site spraying company for commercial, industrial and domestic projects. If your garage doors are in need of a makeover, call us on 01922 254034 or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to provide a free quote.