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upvc spray painting satisfaction guarantee
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
upvc spray painting satisfaction guarantee
sprayworks uk upvc spraying

Frequently Asked Questions

We can turnaround most projects inside a day. Painting a garage door will take us a few hours, while painting a 4-bed semi will take us nearly a day. We always find the right balance between efficiency and good workmanship.

This is a very common frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting. We have a standard range of colours to choose from but we’re also able to mix custom colours for you. So, if you have your eye on something special, we’ll deliver.

Yes. We guarantee all our work for a period of 10-years. This kicks in from the date of project completion. It is a guarantee against defects arising from faulty workmanship and materials. The paint also has a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Have another frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting? We’re happy to give you an answer. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

We always tidy up after ourselves. We dispose of all materials used in the spray-painting process, including masking tape, paper and sheeting. If applicable, we will return plant pots and furniture to their original position if needed. If we are painting indoors, we will sweep up and hoover any debris. Your room will be spotless.

Yes. In addition to UPVC, we spray paint composites, other plastics, timber, masonry, cement, metals and even fibreglass. If you have a few things around the house that need spraying we can put a custom quote together for you. We also spray paint kitchen cabinets and garden furniture.

We are based in Walsall, West Midlands but serve the whole of the UK, Nationwide. Our team deliver a high quality work where ever you are. If you’re located more than a hundred miles away we can still quote you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Some of the areas we cover include: Wolverhampton, Coven, Birmingham, Leicester, Dudley, Stafford, Telford, Sandwell, Sutton Coldfield, Bristol, Worcester, Dudley, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and most other parts of the UK. 

Yes we do. Our quotes include VAT so if you’re VAT registered you can claim the VAT back on your next return. We have spray painted shop fronts, warehouses, parking gates, fences, windows, doors and masonry on commercial buildings. Please contact us for a custom quote – we aim to beat all quotes provided to businesses.

The paints we use on UPVC are UV resistant and waterproof. When applied properly, they bond with the plastic itself to form a durable and hardy surface. The finish itself will last at least 10-years. We’re so confident of this we provide a 10-year guarantee on the work. Beyond this period, it’s perfectly possible the paint will look as good as new, but we can’t say for sure with certaint

None at all. The paints we use are low-VOC and environmentally-friendly. There’s no overspray risk because we use a bespoke electric spray-painting gun that fires a clean, consistent spray of paint. The contact zone is very clean with nothing wayward. If you have plants and bushes that you are concerned about, rest assured no overspray will touch them, and even if it did, it wouldn’t do anything.

Yes, we can create and mix a colour match to a 99% accuracy. The most popular custom colours right now are greys, blacks and greens. Custom colours are a common request from our customers. We can match a colour to anything you provide, such as textiles or paint. We can also colour match a new window to an old window, or vice versa. If you have had a single UPVC unit replaced, you may find it’s a different colour to your existing units. We can mix a custom colour to match your windows together.


Check out some our services below. If you have any questions or want a no obligation quote just get in touch, it’s 100% hassle-free.

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At Sprayworks UK your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand our customer’s needs, from start to finish we ensure that our customers are fulfilled and provide you with the attention you deserve.
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Adding colour to your property can make a huge impact, you can instantly enhance the appearance of your property, making it more up to date, sophisticated and increase its longevity.
why spray painting of window frames works in West Midlands
You may look at your UPVC and think that it has started to look dull and age. Over time UPVC is exposed daily to UV rays, dust and pollution, the light from UV can cause the UPVC colour to fade over time.


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Choosing the right colour to suit your needs can be difficult. Why not try our colour configurator to find the perfect colour for your property? Choose from different shades of grey, blue, cream, brown, red or black. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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