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Professional UPVC spraying Coventry, including spraying kitchen cabinets, upvc window spraying, door spraying service, conservatory spraying, garage door spraying and much more.

upvc spray painting satisfaction guarantee
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
spray painting kitchen cabinets
upvc spray painting satisfaction guarantee
sprayworks uk upvc spraying

5 Star UPVC Spraying Coventry Services

Rejuvinate your windows, doors, kitchen cupboards, conservatory and much more in Coventry West Midlands with a full range of colours.

Why replace your whole kitchen or kitchen doors when we can respray your old kitchen or only the doors for a fraction of the cost?

Here at Sprayworks UK not only do we specialise in external spraying, but internal too. We are equipped with the highest quality of paint for spraying kitchen cabinets, worktops, doors, and tiles. Combined with the latest spraying technology and techniques, we will have your kitchen looking ‘brand new’ in a few days.

Kitchen respraying is an excellent solution! Save money, save time and choose from a wide range of colours to suit you. We never hurry anything when it comes to renewing their look and feel. Our team of spraying experts provide remarkable, long-lasting kitchen spray coatings across the UK. You’ll cherish the high-quality materials and time-honoured skills our craftsmen use to create the heartbeat of your home.

Kitchen Spraying is a great way to give the heart of the home some tender loving care that will make it stand out from the rest of the rooms in the home. A kitchen respray is a perfect solution to make a change without the hefty price tag!

  • Any colour to choose to from the Farrow & Ball, RAL, and British Standard charts
  • Matt, satin & gloss finish
  • Filling of holes
  • Dismantling & assembly of doors etc.
  • Collection/delivery service
  • On-site spraying for the parts you cannot remove
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
  • Minimum cost which results to maximum Coventry impact
  • No hidden costs (hinges, handles etc)
  • Door alignment minimal
  • Good for the environment – using existing Coventry cabinets and doors
  • Over 150+ colours to choose from. Including the Coventry range of colours from – Farrow & Ball, RAL, and British Standard
  • Restricted to colour ranges and finishes. Instead we can match any colour you desire in matt, satin or gloss finish
  • Having a new Coventry kitchen installed can be costly, just the installation process alone can be overpriced with Coventry kitchen fitters cost anywhere from £500 – £2000, depending on the size of your West Midlands kitchen.
  • We also cover all the West Midlands
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
  • Brushes, rollers, spray paint cans and other Coventry painting systems do not acheive anywhere near the quality of finish we deliver with our equipment.
  • Inexperienced Coventry painters cannot perform the work to the same standard, its best to leave it to the professionals.
  • Lack of experience and specialist equipment can lead to West Midlands problems over time which results in having to pay double and also time consuming.
  • Coventry spray painting creates no contact texture whatsoever. The overall West Midlands finish will be smooth and reliable. The same goes for Coventry hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. Spray painting is superior!

Sprayworks UK (Coventry)

13 Matterson Road Coventry CV6 1HJ
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
  • Coventry Kitchen spraying will cost you exceptionally less than a new one. A new West Midlands kitchen is dramatically more expensive than having it expertly sprayed, the cost can be eye-watering depending on the size & built in appliances
  • For Professional Coventry Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting it can cost you between £800 to £2000, depending on the size of your kitchen.
  • Brand new Coventry kitchens are very expensive, in excess of £6,000 for a small kitchen. A Professional Coventry Kitchen makeover by Sprayworks UK will save you thousands of pounds & we guarantee it’ll look fantastic.
  • If your Coventry kitchen is perfectly fine, then all it needs is a facelift. You must contact us to see what we can do for you.
sprayworks uk upvc spraying
  • Cost Effective Coventry Alternative: Our cost effective Coventry services give your kitchen a brand new look, saving you the expense of a whole new West Midlands replacement kitchen.
  • Quick Turn Around: We aim to offer a quick turn around by collecting, refurbishing and reinstalling your kitchen parts within 10 working days.
  • Hard-Wearing: We only use highly durable paints, which are fully washable and available in a variety of colours and sheen levels.
  • Considerate: We are very courteous and understanding of our customer’s needs, offering the best service through all steps of the process.
  • Experienced Workers: Our team have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure we can carry out jobs in the most efficient and professional manner.
  • Customer Service: We are always on hand to provide great customer support with any questions or assistance you may require.
sprayworks uk upvc spraying

Kitchen Spraying is a BIG JOB, a lot of time, labour & materials go into transforming a kitchen so you must bare that in mind when receiving a quote from a professional spraying company.

Day 1: Firstly we strip down and cautiously remove all the doors, draws, cornice, pelmets & kickboards, then the Onsite Spray can proceed. The crime scene masking, this is very time consuming & must be done carefully, a lot of tapes, films & papers are used.

Pre Surface treatment & Prep prior to spraying. Once the spraying is all done & dry we then move on to de masking, cleaning up & transporting the kitchen back to the factory. All Hinges & handles stay onsite; we can replace the handles.

Day 2: The cleaning stage, using specialist cleaning agents to remove ingrained dirt. Filling, extensive filling takes place, “You can’t SEE what we SEE” is the moto, our professional eye will pick up on blemishes & out of shape areas. If we fail to pick on this, it will show in the end finish.

We have different fillers & waxes for different stages.

Sanding: The kitchen will get sanded down, the filler smoothed off, the kitchen is then checked, re cleaned and racked.

Day 3: The priming stage, 2 coats of primer, high build primer must be applied, we aim to go for that ultra-flat base, once the priming has been done we then flatten back. Using our Festool dustless sanding kits we use 400 grits & then 600 grits for that smooth base.

We then clean again with a mild cleaning agent to ensure dust is not present.

Day 4: Inspection of the kitchen, if all is well, then we are ready for the top coat stages, the 1st top coat will be applied in the AM – Early Morning & the 2nd top coat is repeated in the PM – Late Afternoon

Day 5: Final Inspection of the kitchen, carefully checking all the items, once they pass quality control they are moved into the drying room. This is a room that has continuous moderate heat, the bake off room has two electric heaters that provide a room temperature of 20C

Day 6: Carefully Package all the items using quality foam furniture wrap, one by one.The kitchen is then returned and the refit takes place, the refit is a Big task, all doors and draws must be aligned back up correctly.

So, there you have it a minimum of Six Days, 4 of those are rather intense & labour heavy days & that’s if it’s all gone to plan & it has been smooth sailing.


Check out some our Coventry services below. If you have any questions or want a no obligation quote just get in touch, it’s 100% hassle-free.

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At Sprayworks UK your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand our customer’s needs, from start to finish we ensure that our customers are fulfilled and provide you with the attention you deserve.
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Adding colour to your property can make a huge impact, you can instantly enhance the appearance of your property, making it more up to date, sophisticated and increase its longevity.


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