Why should you uPVC spray your garage door?

If you’re hoping to revamp the appearance of your garage door, you might be considering the costly and time-intensive process of replacing it altogether. Fortunately, there’s a more affordable and efficient solution: UPVC spray painting.

UPVC spray painting is a specialised process that entails applying a specially-formulated paint onto the surface of your garage door. This paint is uniquely crafted for UPVC, a type of plastic that’s often used in the construction of garage doors.

5 reasons why you should uPVC spray your garage door

Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons why UPVC spray painting your garage door is a worthy consideration.

1. Cost-effectiveness

UPVC spray painting is a much more affordable option than replacing your garage door altogether. It allows you to achieve a fresh new look for your garage door without breaking the bank. Our team at Sprayworks will always consider your budget and acknowledge your needs.

2. Customisation

 With UPVC spray painting, you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to create a unique look for your garage door. Whether you want a bold and bright colour or a more understated finish, there’s an option for every taste and style. At Sprayworks, we can scan your favourite colour from a sample and give you your choice of finish.

3. Long-lasting

The specialised paint used in UPVC spray painting is highly durable and designed to withstand the elements. It will not peel or fade over time, ensuring that your garage door looks great for years to come. At Sprayworks, we guarantee on all sprayed projects a minimum of 10 years. You can depend on us to keep your garage door in excellent condition!

4. Environmentally friendly

uPVC spray painting is a more sustainable option than replacing your garage door. By choosing to spray paint your existing garage door, you’re preventing unnecessary waste and reducing your environmental impact.

5. Quick and easy

Unlike replacing your garage door, uPVC spray painting can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily routine. The spray painting can be completed in just a few hours, allowing you to enjoy your newly updated garage door in no time.

uPVC spray painting with Sprayworks

uPVC spray painting is an excellent option for homeowners looking to update the look of their garage door without breaking the bank. It’s cost-effective, customisable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and quick and easy to complete. So why not consider UPVC spray painting for your garage door today?

We take pride in providing an ultra-swift, budget-friendly, and effective UPVC garage door spray painting service to both residential and commercial customers. Our skilled team performs on-site resprays at your property, specialising in bespoke spray painting for a variety of garage doors.

We’ll use the colour of your choice to breathe new life into your garage door’s appearance and even paint your windows and doors to match. With our service, there’s no need to replace a perfectly functional garage door when spray painting can achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost. 
We cover all major regions of the Midlands, including  Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Nottingham and Stoke-On-Trent. So if you’re seeking a garage door makeover, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote today.