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Cheap kitchen restoration in Tamworth, Dudley and across the Midlands

You’re in the right place if you are looking for cheap restoration in Tamworth, Dudley, or across the Midlands. Kitchen respraying services by SprayWorks UK will save you hundreds of pounds while causing minimal disruption to your home. 

Kitchen resprays and refurb services can effortlessly update and revamp your old kitchen. The process is much cheaper than a complete kitchen replacement or remodel, meaning you can get a brand-new look for much less. 

Respraying your kitchen is an affordable solution that allows you to decorate your kitchen without straining your budget. In fact, on average, a kitchen respray is around 80 per cent cheaper than the cost of replacing it. 

The cost-effectiveness of kitchen respray services is just one of the many benefits UPVC spraying presents to you and the planet. Spraying your kitchen cabinets, doors, worktops, backsplash, and tiles is also time efficient, sustainable, durable, and can even increase the value of your property.  

Recycling existing cabinetry makes kitchen spraying a cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen replacement. Because of this, kitchen spraying has become increasingly popular with budget-conscious consumers and is attractive to those looking for a high-quality and professional finish while working on a budget. 

Kitchen respray services update your old kitchen without the expensive price tag, making the latest kitchen trends accessible to every homeowner. 

 Not only does UPVC spray painting change the look of your kitchen without having to pay the high cost of replacing it, but it also forms a protective barrier from UV light. 

At SprayWorks UK, our affordable UPVC kitchen respray services will give your property an instant new look without breaking the bank. Keep reading if you are based in Tamworth, Dudley or the surrounding areas and searching for cheap kitchen restoration solutions. 

Cheap kitchen restoration in Tamworth

There are plenty of ways to remodel and refresh your kitchen on a budget, but the most effective is by respraying your old kitchen cabinets, worktops, tiles, and doors. 

Providing you with the same high-quality and professional results as a total kitchen replacement, kitchen respraying services are cost-effective and suitable for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. 

If your kitchen is in good condition but needs an update, a kitchen respray is an excellent low-cost option. A fresh colour and coat of UPVC specialist spray paint can instantly improve your kitchen appearance and elevate the space. 

With an unlimited range of colours to select from, you can respray your kitchen to whatever colour you desire, so there is no compromise on finish or results. 

To learn more about cheap kitchen restoration in Tamworth and the surrounding Midland area, contact the SprayWorks UK team today.  

The kitchen respraying process

If you aim to update your existing kitchen cabinets, tiles, doors, backsplash, and worktops on a budget, respraying them is the cheapest way to do so. 

This involves the process of stripping the stain or paint from the cabinets and adding a new coat of UPVC spray paint.  All doors, drawer fronts, and cabinets are removed. Any areas of the kitchen that are not being sprayed are masked off and protected with a plastic sheet. The surface is also cleaned, de-greased, and cleaned to ensure the perfect bond between the UPVC paint and the surface. 

Three coats of UPVC paint and a topcoat is applied for a smooth and sleek finish. The specialist paint is touch-dry within a few minutes, but it can take up to 30 minutes for the paint to solidify. Once everything is perfect, the clean-up begins. 

The entire kitchen respray process can have your kitchen looking brand new in just a few days. 

Why choose SprayWorks UK?

With appliances, fittings, and grooved cabinets to work around, spraying your kitchen is much more challenging to paint than a bedroom or living room. That’s why at SprayWorks UK, we are kitchen respraying specialists, so you can ensure the desired and lasting finish you love. 

We are equipped with the highest quality paint to provide outstanding kitchen spraying services. This includes all kitchen furniture areas, from cabinets and worktops to doors and tiles. With the latest spraying technology and techniques, we will have your kitchen looking brand new in just a few days. 

Making redecorating easy, at SprayWorks UK, we have the expertise to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Providing services across the Midlands, including Tamworth, Dudley, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester, and Stoke on Trent, we spray paint UPVC windows, doors, kitchens, furniture, conservatories, garage doors, commercial premises, cladding and much more. 

For more information about our kitchen respraying services and how we can update your kitchen for less, get in touch with us today.