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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Paint Colour: A Recipe for Success

For a long time, homeowners have favoured bright white walls and no-fail neutral cabinets in the kitchen. After all, white is timeless and can instantly brighten up a space. However, in 2023 we’re seeing more and more homeowners embrace a vibrant colour palette throughout their homes. 

Dark green, navy blue, dusty pink, and charcoal grey are quickly emerging as some of the most popular kitchen paint colours this year, bringing depth, richness, and drama. People love a pop of colour, and now there’s no denying it. But with so many great colours to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right paint colour for your kitchen. 

The kitchen is the beating heart of a home, and the colour of your kitchen sets the mood. Whether you have a modern farmhouse kitchen or a small shaker-style kitchen, your kitchen can be instantly elevated and transformed with a new signature colour palette. 

And don’t forget, it’s not only your kitchen walls, door and cabinet doors that benefit from a new lick of paint. You can paint your kitchen island, worktops, doors, and tiles, creating the effect of a brand-new kitchen at the fraction of the cost of installing a new one.  

Are you struggling to choose the perfect kitchen paint colour? This blog will act as your recipe for success, providing you with kitchen paint colour inspiration and ideas suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles before you even use the colour configurator. 

Light green and dusty pink 

While white and cream may be the obvious choice to brighten up your kitchen, don’t feel limited. Light greens, pinks, and even pale yellows also have the power to open your space. Adding colour to your kitchen not only escapes a stark white atmosphere but also works to create a fun and inviting energy. 

Green and pink are one of the most popular kitchen paint colour combinations of this year. With just enough white tint to naturally reflect light, this colour palette transforms your small kitchen into an airy and comfortable space. 

Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey is a chic shade proving popular with homeowners this year. In the interior world, charcoal grey has long been considered the ultimate neutral. It’s smart and sophisticated, perfectly complementing a contemporary or urban kitchen design. 

Darker shades like charcoal often work best in larger kitchens. The rich, moody hue can instantly create a calming atmosphere and cosy up a large open space. In smaller spaces, charcoal grey can be used as an accent wall or using the 50/50 wall paint technique, where the top half of the walls remain a lighter, brighter shade. 

Deep blue

Deep jewel-like blue shades help to bring warmth to your kitchen. Paired with natural elements, such as wooden, brass, and textured accents, blue-painted kitchens are equally elegant as they are cosy. Replacing coastal blue tones, midnight blue hues provide an up-to-date, sophisticated look. 

Dark blues effortlessly add drama to larger kitchens without compromising on the feeling of space. A versatile shade, dark blue painted cabinets and feature walls can also be used to open a smaller space. For this reason, blue is a great kitchen paint colour for kitchens of all sizes. 

Muted red

Red is a striking colour with a strong symbolism. For this reason, homeowners tend to shy away from the passionate shade, but red can provide a statement look within any cooking area. Muted red, along with burgundy, scarlet, rust, and terracotta, are rich, sophisticated, and calming kitchen paint colours. 

Traditionally, red has been used in country house kitchens complemented by wooden worktops such as walnut. For a modern approach, red-painted kitchen cabinets perfectly pair with black fittings and brilliant white walls. 

Why choose Sprayworks UK?

With appliances, fittings, and grooved cabinets to work around, spraying your kitchen is much more difficult to paint than a bedroom or living room. That’s why at SprayWorks UK we are kitchen respraying specialists, so you can ensure a desired and lasting finish that you love. 

To provide outstanding kitchen spraying services, we use the highest quality paint. This includes all areas of kitchen furniture from cabinets, and worktops to doors and tiles. With the latest spraying technology and techniques, we will have your kitchen looking brand new in just a few days. 

Making redecorating easy, at SprayWorks UK we have the expertise to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Providing our kitchen spraying services across the Midlands, including Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester, and Stoke on Trent, we spray paint UPVC windows, doors, kitchens, furniture, conservatories, garage doors, commercial premises, cladding and much more. 

To find the perfect match for your property, use our Colour Change Configurator. Choose from our pre-set examples or let us know and we can match any colour of your choice. 

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