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Step-by-Step Guide: Upgrading your Patio with DIY Projects

How to Design Your Patio on a Budget

With the sun peeking out, or so we hope. It’s the best time to start freshening up your patio space. Whether getting it equipped for entertaining or creating an outdoor sanctuary for yourself, you don’t need to hire a contractor or builder to tear the whole thing apart. Upgrade your patio with simple backyard patio designs. Read on to discover how you can DIY tinker your space without breaking the bank. Affordability and style can go hand-in-hand for your patio transformation. 

Step One: Create A Moodboard For Your Diy Patio Upgrade

Curating the ideal outdoor space starts with ideation. Gathering a moodboard, whether visual or a map of ideas, will help dictate the next steps. 

  • From sourcing your images online. Search the internet, or lean toward the latest celebrity garden patio trends – take inspiration!
  • Find what fits you and let yourself feel inspired by the photos and ideas you take interest in. Having a set moodboard will allow you to make less impulsive purchases, if it doesn’t match the visual aesthetic – don’t buy it!
  • Identify the tidbits you definitely want to include in your redesign – and be sure to prioritise re-use of things you already have around. Instagram and Pinterest could be a great place to start, whether scouring through celebrity home tags or finding a niche decor interest. 
  • Take a look at our Before & After Gallery for more home inspiration, including colour schemes you might not have thought of. 

Step Two: Starting With A Blank Canvas – Keeping Your Backyard Patio Simple

Now that you’ve gathered your inspiration, let’s prepare your space for transformation. The outdoors can get mucky, so you want to sweep and clear the space beforehand. 

  • Think about what the purpose of your space should serve. Would you like it well-equipped for BBQs? Or, would you prefer a simple and clean space to store away your vegetable boxes?
  • Tidy away anything that isn’t relevant to your project, and sweep up pesky bits of plant and mud that won’t be part of your end-goal. Here, take a look at the surrounding landscape too. 
  • Gutters above your patio can enhance its overall appearance. Ensure they are clear to avoid distracting from your patio’s appeal. Pay attention to your gutters, fascia and soffit. 
  • Top tip: An easy and simple way to set the tone for your outdoor space is to change or refresh the colour of your gutters. As they follow along the wall they could also be used to enhance the look of your patio. As long as there’s no significant damage SprayWorks can change the colour of your gutter, fascia or soffit by spraying. The paint chosen can be custom to your liking – click here to explore popular colour schemes. 

Stuck for choice? The newest home trends for 2024 see dark green as a big hit – as well as orange tones, think ‘terracotta clay’. The summery warm feel of these colour combinations transport a space into a desert-tone paradise by adding a bohemian feel to your terrace. 

Explore more about our Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Spraying. 

Step Three: Reusing And Repurposing! Easy And Sustainable Diy Patio Projects

The goal here is not only to have a brand-new looking space but also to enjoy the process of creating it without breaking the bank. Nowadays upholstered furniture pieces are rising in popularity – with the latest trends surrounding how to build a patio on a budget, or easy diy patio furniture. 

  • Take a look at what you already have that can be repurposed, such as a storage stool that can be repainted for a luxurious feel. 
  • Perhaps you’d like to decorate your space minimally, in which case, sticking to a simple and cohesive colour-scheme could help reduce the appearance of an otherwise distracting and noisy patio. 
  • Top tip: Consider upcycling your furniture!
  • You can reuse garden furniture that no longer excites you and breathe new life into it through simple services like furniture spraying. Furniture spraying works on several types of material, and can bring a new lease for life to things that have otherwise would have been thrown away! 

This money-saving hack does well for your budget, as services like furniture spraying at SprayWorks can be tailored to your financial considerations. 

Step Four: Combine All Your Diy Patio Ideas For A New Style!

Now that we’ve referred to the moodboard, curated the perfect colour palette, reused and repurposed furniture and decor – it’s time to seal the deal by combining your brand new patio style and showcasing your work. Perhaps it’s time to put the porch to use? Invite those neighbours, plan a terrace date, or simply sit with a book in your newest space. 

  • Rustle up some finishing touches – decorating with solar-powered garden lights doesn’t have to take a big chunk of your DIY patio budget. Buying second-hand fulfils the same dream-look, and is more sustainable. 
  • You can also use pebbles, decorative rocks and shells to decorate pathways leading around and up to the patio. 
  • There are so many ways to create something new from what there was prior, and UPVC spraying can do just this whilst being sustainable, affordable and gorgeous. Now that your patio is ready for the warmer weather, you’re ready to transform any outdoor space. 

UPVC spraying also works on conservatories, which could bring your home together and make redecorating a breeze. UPVC can often turn yellow, or change hues, due to UV sun damage. As a result, you’ll need to upkeep your conservatory – which could be an opportunity to recolour the conservatory no matter the material-type. 

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