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You’re The Boss: Ideas To Modernise Your Home Office

Let’s Arrange: Office Space Layouts and Decor

Flee from blurred video call backgrounds, and take pride in your virtual office. Add productivity – and convenience – by getting to work on redecorating your home office. 

In this guide, we will explore ideas to modernise your home office space, by combining time-efficient and cost-effective ways to manage and decorate your space. 

Where to start before designing your delegated headquarters:

  • Start your journey with sources of inspiration from magazines, Pinterest or Instagram. Interested in fixing up boring spaces through colour? visit our Before & After Gallery to see examples of transformed spaces with UPVC spraying.
  • Brush off that old home decor wishlist, and draw style inspiration from how you depict your dream work environment. 
  • Whether you’re a firm go-getter or a creative genius, perfecting your work zone will have you in the right setting and state of mind no matter the task ahead. 

Choosing Your Space: Remote Office Ideas  

Before kicking off your home office modernisation, it’s vital to delve into how you have your office arranged – how much space do you need for your daily work? Your office interior design ideas need to incorporate feng-shui – this means no clutter and no overuse of space. 

Map out what part of your home will be used as your workspace. If you do not have a designated space or adequate room for a study-space, create an obvious difference between your workspace and otherwise zen home environment. This can be done through desks, but be sure to keep this easily accessible and prepared for the optimum productive day. 

If you have a room at home that is designated for solely office purposes, consider adding signature work-life touches. A sign personalised with your name and working hours can help in times when you need to focus and get stuck into tasks without distraction from other members of the household. Clearly organising your workspace brings to life a fresh canvas for productivity, no matter the workload. 

Top tip: Want something all the more special? The door to your office room could be completely personalised in a colour of your choice, through door spraying. Whether your door is UPVC or another material, SprayWorks can create a custom colour that matches the environment you’d like to create. 

The Office Essentials: What’s Needed In Your Home Office Space

Stationery, technology bits and more. In today’s modern day and age, it’s crucial to make sure you have internet connectivity in your office when needed for tasks. From label printing, to file organisation and staples – having adequate and appropriate storage for all the things you need will be equally as important. 

  • Consider matching your stationery to the visual aesthetic that helps you curate the best work. 
  • If you’re organised and simple, keep it minimalistic and clean – with colours and patterns that don’t distract. Though, if you want a more creative space, re-use some of your previous home office furniture and try a different layout. 

Top tip: Desks and other furniture can be repainted to match the newer vibe of your office, hiding chips of paint or mild scratches. Furniture spraying is a useful service that saves you from the cost of buying completely new pieces for decor – take that old desk, and have it customised! SprayWorks is renowned for this service, adding new life to old furniture. 

Add Those Personal Touches: Home Office Interior Design

In the midst of organising, clearing and setting up your new office layout, you might have lost the element of personalisation. These can be added back in with motivational posters, equipping the office with quotes that get you back on track, or prints of your favourite art pieces if that’s more your style. 

Working from home doesn’t have to be complex, the best home office ideas are those where you offer a slice of comfort in an otherwise hectic working world. Your environment for productivity should rightly reflect your style and home decor ideas. 

Modernise Your Home Office with SprayWorks

Making redecorating easy, SprayWorks UK have the expertise to transform your home spaces at a fraction of the cost. 

Providing services across the Midlands, including Dudley, Tamworth, Nottingham, Leicester, and Stoke on Trent, we spray paint UPVC windows, doors, kitchens, furniture, conservatories, garage doors, commercial premises, cladding and much more. 

To learn more about our respraying services and how we can update your home office space for less, get in touch with us today.